Canning Journal

Canning journalA Canning Journal is a good thing to start once you begin canning. It helps you keep track of not only what was canned, but when it was and any other notes that may be applicable to the batch. By writing down the recipes and impressions of your canning adventures, it will serve as not only as a reminder of what went into the food that you're eating but will also remind you of each step you took in creating that recipe.

When you open the jar several weeks later and taste it, you have the chance to look back upon what exactly went into creating it and what improvements can be made. Over time, you will learn what works and what doesn't. When you feel confident enough to start creating your own recipes, it will serve as a valuable teaching tool.

Later on, if you decide to share your recipes and cherished methods with someone else, they can build upon your experience. Who wouldn't enjoy a handwritten tome of knowledge that you have recorded via your journal.

The basics of a canning journal should include the following items:

Recipe name:

Process: (waterbath or pressure)

Date canned:

Batch number: (add a batch number if doing muliple canner loads on same day)

Yield: (How many jars and their sizes)

Ingredient type: (Fresh or frozen fruits/veggies, specific variety etc)

Pectin type: (none, regular, no/low sugar, liquid)

Changes: (from original recipe like different spices or vinegar etc)

Additional Notes: (if any jars didnt seal, excessive loss of headspace or left jars in canner 10 extra minutes because baby needed a new diaper lol)

Notes after opening: (changes you would make to next batch, too spicy, too bland etc)

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