Dehydrated Soup Mix

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One of my favorite things to do is to begin early in the growing season when each veggie is at its peak and dehydrate them. This can be any combination you like!


You can do as I do and mix a little of everything! Just think what you would like in a soup or stew! You can put different combinations together if you like, and as they are dried, add them to a gallon zip lock or as I use, gallon jars. By the end of the growing season you will have a bounty of veggies that takes up very little space and tastes wonderful! I take a couple of cups of the mixed veggies and pour four cups of boiling water over them and let them re-hydrate a little, about 30 minutes. Then you can cook as is with a little salt and pepper and its vegetable soup or add more broth and meat and make yourself a hearty meal!


These also make great gifts in a jar! Complete with instructions, recipes, seasoning packets etc. I bought some fancy jars this year to put some in and added them to holiday baskets! I haven't discovered anything to date that I can't dehydrate that I can grow!

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