Zeer pot-in-pot Refrigerator

Have any of you ever made a Zeer pot-in-pot refrigerator. It can really keep things cool and fresh for a long time without using electricity at all! Very easy to make so here are the steps:) 


  • Get two large clay pots making sure that one fits inside the other. Be sure there is at least a 1" gap between the pots.
  • Make sure to fill the holes at the bottom of the pots with either clay or mud. Basically, plug those holes!
  • Fill the bottom of the larger pot with about 1" of sand so that the smaller pot can sit on the sand when you put it in the bigger pot.
  • Now put the smaller clay pot within the big one and make sure that the tops of the rims of the pots are level with each other.
  • Now that you have the rims of the pots level and you have at least 1" gap between pots, you can now fill in those gaps with sand all the way to the top.
  • Now poor cool water into the sand tell you can't put any more water.
  • Take a towel that will fit over the rims of the pots and cover the openings. Wet the towel really good and ring out any excess water. Then cover the tops of the pots with the towel.


In about 2 to 4 hours you will have the inner pot at a temperature of around 60° to 50° through nothing more than evaporation. At that point you can put fruits and veggies and anything you really need to refrigerate in the inner pot:)

Who's going to try it?


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