Growing Vertically


It was about March of 2013 that I was introduced to Aquaponics. I became obsessed... a self sustaining closed system that waters and feeds itself (for the most part) AND I don't have to weed it!... I'm all in,  if I had the money I would already have a comercial sized system trying to get going... never mind that I had no idea what I was doing yet.  I built myself a small system which I have learned a great deal with.  If you are brand new to aquaponics, starting small and learning from your mistakes is the ONLY way to go.... there is a learning curve and a little patients is required to get the system cycled.  I recommend two things here, clay media and planting plants to help it cycle faster before you add fish. 


Anyway I am truely excited for this process, and I love growing things.  I have done massive amounts of research on everything I could find and growing vertical appears to be the best way to make good use of your space, get back a decent return on your investment.  The best part is you already have to do the plumbing and the setup, it might take a little extra work to get it up and working but not much more than what you have to do for a horozontal setup.  It is totally cool to incorporate a horizontal setup WITH your verticle setup as well, utilizing your space to the extreme.  The following links have pictures and information on growing vertically.  If your ready for the next step to make your system larger this is the best way I've seen.




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