Deep Water Culture


Written by member Cristy

This is my deep water culture (dwc) aquaponics system. This system is 3ft x 5ft and has a very lg pump it doesn't really need. I grew at one time all the following. 6pk lettuce, 3 swiss chards, 3 strawberries, stevia, 2 basil's, 3 leeks, thyme, 3 green beans, English Cucumber and 4 parsley's. That is 27 plants in a 3x5ft space.


Beans and thyme did not do well everything else did well. I haven't planted for fall as this will be going into the greenhouse.


  • Pic 1: Side view 1 cucumber growing.
  • Pic 2: Side view of romaine lettuce, swiss chard blooming.
  • Pic 3: Sump pump and partial filter.
  • Pic 4: Filter and drain. Water dump into sump pump when it reaches a certain level it pumps up here and drains back into the DWC.


The fish in this system are non root eaters so they are in the DWC. Biggest problems. Not giving myself enough time for the system to be cycling properly. It takes about 3 months so put that into your plans. I had a fish die off and high ammonia levels so I had to clear the tank.


Pic 1 Pic 2
Pic 3 Pic 4



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